Social Media

Companies are increasingly incorporating social media into their marketing programs because it has been proven to attract consumer attention and to promote customer loyalty. Social media makes it possible not only to communicate with hundreds of thousands of people at once and enlist supporters to spread the word about you and your services but also to combine the benefits of immediacy and the potential for the “viral” transmission of information. Social media also provides for a more intimate means of communication, which sounds counter-intuitive since we’ve just referenced communications with hundreds of thousands of people at once. Social media allows one-on-one interaction and the opportunity to comment on personal milestones, including financial watersheds (e.g., a new job, the arrival of a new offspring, the purchase of a new home, or pending retirement).Compared to more conventional marketing tools, such as advertising and direct marketing, social media offers a number of distinct advantages. It is:

  • free or relatively inexpensive.
  • interactive, providing the means to communicate one-to-one as well as one-to-many.
  • immediate, offering direct feedback from your target market.
  • adaptable and can be readily refined to promote ongoing success.

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